I am a Professor of Astrophysics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the The University of Manchester.

Please get in touch to join in with the STFC Food Network+. Huge thanks to everyone who sent in applications for our Collaborative Scoping Projects funding call. We're bringing food research and industry together with STFC research and facilities to solve food challenges using STFC capabilities. Please contact queries@stfcfoodnetwork.org with questions or suggestions

I lead the Greenhouse gas and Dietary choices Open source Toolkit (GDOT) project which is funded by N8 Agrifood to run GDOT Hack Nights to contribute to developing visualisation tools for measuring the average greenhouse gases from the UK diet.

My background is in method development for the analysis of large cosmological datasets, specifically on gravitational lensing, to find out more about the nature of the dark energy which seems cause the mysterious accelerated expansion of the Universe. Gravitational lensing can tell us about the dark energy because it shows us the dark matter distribution. The dark matter clumps less as time passes if there is more dark energy, since the dark energy is stretching the universe out and counteracting the attraction by gravity. Compared to other cosmological probes, gravitational lensing has the greatest potential for telling us more about the dark energy. I work on galaxy shear measurement team in the Dark Energy Survey (DES), measuring shapes of 300 million galaxies across 1/8th of the sky.

To find out more, contact me or members of my group: Jack Elvin-Poole, Juan Pablo Cordero, Nicolas Tessore, Dale Mellor, Richard Rollins, Joe Fennell or Eleonora di Valentino.