Here you can find some supplementary material for my Saas Fee 2014 Advanced Course on Weak Lensing. These lectures are aimed at research students just starting in cosmology, from theorists to observers. You can watch the videos of the first few lectures here. The other Saas Fee 2014 lectures being given here are by Luca Amendola, Roberto Trotta and Camille Bonvin. Huge thanks to Anais Rassat, Martin Kunz, Alexandre Refregier and Ruth Durrer for making everything run so smoothly.

1. Overview of weak lensing
2. Shear power spectrum (derivation)
3. Shear tomography (qualitative)
4. Shear measurement
5. Intrinsic alignments
6. Photometric redshifts
7. Summary and outlook

Handout 1 (Overview, shear tomography)
Handout 2 (Shear measurement)
Handout 3 (Intrinsic alignments)
Handout 4 (Photometric redshifts)

Slides shown:
Lecture 1 and 2 slides (Overview and summary of derivations)
Lecture 3 and 4 slides (Shear tomography)
Lecture 5 slides (Shear measurement)
Lecture 6 and 7 slides (Intrinsic alignments, summary and outlook)

From the lensing bend angle to shear for a point mass
From the shear for a point mass to the shear from a thin lens
The convergence for a slice of the universe
The convergence power spectrum